Your Guide to Men’s Underwear Styles

With the vast range of men’s underwear brands, styles, colors, fabrics and prints available these days, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which pair is right for you. Many guys just want something to hold their junk in place and others want something more fashionable to express their personal style or to simply please their partners. In this guide, we will go through the basic mens underwear styles out there and hopefully point you in the right direction.


Briefs are the most popular style of men’s underwear and come in a variety of cuts. The classic mid-rise cut (think tighty whities) covers your entire ass while still leaving much of the upper thigh exposed. Low-rise briefs sit a little lower on the waist giving a more body-defining look but still providing full coverage on the back. Most guys prefer this cut. Briefs are a good choice for most body types and are perfect for everyday wear.

Male underwear model wearing Marco Marco Gray All Over Men's Brief - Front
MaleBasics Underwear MaleBasics Microfiber Boxer Brief Men's Sexy Underwear

Boxer Briefs

Almost as popular as briefs, men’s boxer briefs are, as the name suggests, a hybrid of briefs and the traditional boxer (we will get to those later). Boxer briefs offer the support of a brief with the length of boxer. They fit snug against the body and usually cover half way down the thigh. Many guys love boxer briefs for working out because of the support and the extra length helps with chaffing on heavier set body types. If you have really skinny legs, you may want to avoid this style since the extra length can make your legs appear even skinnier.


Many consider boxers or boxer shorts to be a little old-fashioned, but they are some of the most versatile underwear you can have. They have a loose fit that is super breathable. Modern cuts can have a more fitted look but still offer the relaxed comfort that boxers are famous for. Boxers are good for wearing under loose-fitting pants such as dress pants. They also double as shorts and are perfect for sleepwear or lounging around the house. Heavier guys usually prefer boxers but every guy should have a pair or two.

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Another hybrid of briefs and boxers, trunks provide full coverage with a shorter length on the thigh, typically not much longer than the crotch. This gives them a square look (hence the nick name “square-cut”). Another favorite for working out, trunks offer a more contoured fit and often have a pouch to hold and lift your package. They are also perfect with jeans and other tighter fitting pants/shorts.


Men’s bikinis are similar to briefs except the thigh is completely exposed. The back has full coverage and they usually don’t have a waistband. Bikinis are always sexy and sit low on the waist.  They are popular with bodybuilders. Bikinis are great for wearing under any type of pants or jeans.

Thongs / G-Strings

For those guys who love to show it all off, men’s thongs and G-strings are a good choice. Thongs have the front coverage of a brief but in the back only have a thin piece of cloth that slides in-between your ass cheeks. G-Strings are similar except they typically have a string that goes around your waist and down the crack of your ass. Both types of underwear are best for guys with a well-toned body and a lot of confidence.


Originally made for support while playing sports, jockstraps have become more of a fashion style since they have that sporty-meets-sexy look. Jocks are available in a variety of cuts from classic to fetish. The defining feature of jockstraps are the elastic straps that wrap around the bottom of your cheeks to hold the front pouch in place leaving your ass exposed. The pouch lifts your junk up for support.

Joe Snyder Joe Snyder Classic Men's Bikini Men's Designer Underwear

Men’s Eroticwear

There are several types of underwear out there that are meant for the bedroom or special occasion. They come in a variety of materials including lace, mesh, sheer fabric, leather… along with a seemingly endless range of designs and cuts. Just remember to be free and open-minded with erotic underwear. They can enhance the time you spend with your partners.

Quick Note About Pouches…

Many styles of underwear today feature a pouch in the front to hold your goods. These are designed to lift your junk alway from your body which can enhance the appearance of your package. Also, if you are well endowed, pouches can give you some extra room so everything is not being squeezed. Several brands also feature unique seams and cuts that can further lift your package and provide a more pronounced profile.


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