Top Trends in Mens Swimwear for 2017

As the temperature begins to rise, guys are looking forward to saying “Fuck you, Winter.” and spending time at the beach or lake soaking up the summer sun. Now is a great time to start planning your summer getaways and picking out that perfect pair of stylish swim briefs or trunks. To make things easier, we have pulled together what is trending in men’s swimwear for 2017.

The overall trend this year in men’s swimwear is bold and loud. Whether it’s stripes, prints, patterns, solid colors or just showing off your sexy bod, it’s all about making a statement and rocking your own style.

The Fit

Your typical board shorts are taking a backseat in 2017. Styles this year are shorter and more fitted. Hip briefs, snug-fitting trunks and yes, bikinis will be hitting the beaches. If you think European when you pick your swimsuits, you won’t go wrong.

Male model wearing JOR mint color mens swim trunk


If you are not ready to show a lot of skin, don’t worry. There are plenty of options out there if you want more coverage. You can opt for a board short that hugs the leg a little more and still get that close-fitting, sexy silhouette.

Stripes and Solids

Stripes are back and solid colors are bold and bright. Whether they are subtle or loud, stripes are perfect for grabbing some attention without going too over-the-top. If you are looking for something that is sleek and modern but isn’t too fashion forward, opt for a fitted mid-length trunk in a solid, bright color such as neon or hot pastels.

model wearing JOR Mens Swim brief


Patterns and Prints

Tropical and floral prints are a vintage trend that is back in 2017. With a modern update, these styles let guys feel confident while still being fun. Patterns are a lot bolder this year with dots and geometric shapes that will make you stand out on a crowed beach.


Tropical Floral Prints

Tropical floral prints are retro and nod to the 1950s and 60s with trunks that look like they came from Hawaii. The style follows the vintage trend that is popular in 2017 and allows men to feel masculine and confident while wearing a fun look.

Photo Prints

Trunks and briefs that feature photo prints are a great option in 2017 for guys who want to show a cool picture on their swimwear and draw. Many styles feature vintage photos of oceanside scenes or landmarks, which is perfect when you want to wear a suit that stands out and is unique. If jeans are your thing, go for a swim trunk that looks jean shorts.



Gold, silver, and bronze metallic swim trunks and swim briefs are eye-catching and will reflect in the sun when you step of the water while having a James Bond moment . Metallic swimwear is the perfect way to look sexy and avoid taking yourself too seriously when you want to turn heads.

No matter what style you are comfortable wearing, this summer make sure it says “I’m here, bitches. Let’s have some fun.” Don’t be afraid to show off your goods.

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