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Malebasics Spot Jockstrap

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If you want something bold and flashy in your pants, then the Malebasics Spot New Jockstrap has everything you want and more. The bright purple and yellow color designs are sure to get you noticed. The fabric is incredibly soft and breathable, thanks to the 22% spandex and 78% nylon mix, and the wide waistband featuring the Malebasics logo adds to the comfort, giving you a great fit. The front pouch area is superbly supportive, allowing you to move around at ease while having confidence that everything is being cupped in place as it should. The straps at the back frame your bum cheeks for a saucy look, but it also has a practical design. It allows you to keep cool and it also means your butt looks great in any type of trousers, as there is no bunching of fabric to contend with. If you want a great looking, comfortable jockstrap for sports or fun, Malebasics has got it right with these.

Color: Purple, Yellow
Material: Nylon 78% Spandex 22%

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