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Joe Snyder Maxibulge Kini Men's Brief

The Joe Snyder Maxibulge Kini men’s briefs allow you to really show off your assets to their best advantage. If you want others to marvel at your manhood, then the size enhancing pouch will do it for you. It gently lifts you up and out, creating an extraordinary wow factor. The color choices come in bright neons, through to soft, sexy shades of wine and black. There is also lace and mesh options for a ultra sexy feel. The strappy style gives you plenty of reason to show off your flesh, while round the back there is a little more coverage for a comfortable fit. Your glutes are enhanced buy the cut of these briefs, with plenty on show to arouse your partner. The fabric is a blend of 80% polymide and 20% spandex, giving that little bit of extra stretch when you need it. For men who enjoy a hot style, these Maxibulge Kinis are ideal.

Colors: White, Black, Red, Royal, Turquoise, Yellow, Navy, Wine, Pink, Purple, White Mesh, White Lace, Black Mesh,Black Lace 
Material: Polyamide 80% Spandex 20%