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November 02, 2018 4 min read

Now that underwear parties are starting to hit the mainstream, we thought we would put together a complete guide to these very dressed down events. Follow along for tips on what to expect, what not to expect, what to wear, and more.

Back in the day, underwear parties in the gay community were mostly underground events in big cities like New York. Now, practically every gay bar and club holds at one underwear party event a year if not once a month or even every week. If you have never been to one of these skivvies-only, put-it-all-out-there events, the thought of going to one is probably a little (ok.. a lot) terrifying. Well, these festive, dance all night parties can be one of the most personally liberating events you will ever attend.

First, let’s take care of a couple of myths about underwear parties:

Myth: Underwear parties are just for sex

Nope. Gay underwear parties are not for hooking up in a backroom or worse… the bathroom. But, let’s be honest, anytime a room full of single gay men in their undies are dancing, drinking, bumping into each other all night, chances are some sex is going to happen. Some guys will probably get a little too touchy but just tell them to back off if you are uncomfortable. The point is this, it’s up to you what happens. No one is going to think twice if you just want to be there to hang out with friends.

Myth: You need to look like a chiseled modal with zero fat.

Far from it! You will see all types of bodies at underwear parties from smooth and thin to hairy and chubby to young and old. You will find that these events are about acceptance of everyone. Love yourself, bitch, and let everyone know it!

What to wear at an underwear party

Now that we have a few of the misconceptions out of the way, let’s move on to what to wear at underwear parties or even undies night at the club. It’s not quite as simple as you may think.

First and foremost, you want to choose underwear that you are comfortable wearing and make you feel confident. There are many styles of men’s underwear these days to choose from… briefs, boxer-briefs, trunks, jockstraps, thongs, jock-thongs, peek-a-boo (ass-less briefs) and many more. Also, plan for underwear parties like you would plan for a date. You want to wear designer underwear brands. Don’t wear whitie-tighties (or color variations of) bought at the discount store. Dress to impress! There are several high-quality brands that won’t trash your budget.

A popular choice for any occasion is a great pair of trunk style underwear for men. Trunks look great on everyone and provide some coverage while still being sexy. Plus, trunks are great for everyday wear and definitely belong in your underwear drawer.

If you want to kick up the sexy factor a little, wear a pair of nice briefs. Men’s briefs come in many cuts that can show a little or a lot. Again, it depends on what you are comfortable wearing. There is no wrong choice.

Now, if you are very comfortable with your body and want to present a sportier look, go with a pair of designer jockstraps. They will guarantee that you will get attention. There are several variations of jockstraps including a style known as jock-thongs. They look just like a jockstrap in front but have a thong cut in the back. You can even dress it up with a pair of sequin jockstraps. These are perfect for holiday underwear parties.

Remember, if you will be doing a lot of dancing, be sure to wear something that won’t easily let your goods fly out.

So, what about the color of your underwear? Solids are always a great choice and even cool patterns such as tattoo prints are good. One thing to keep in mind, most underwear parties will have black lights so pick a bright color that will get you noticed. Marco Marco, the go-to designer underwear for any undies party, actually uses fabrics in his collections that glow under black light. Check out some Marco Marco styles here.

You can accessorize your underwear with a sexy harness. Harnesses for men accentuate your chest and upper body and they look hot!

What to expect at an underwear party

You may be wondering what happens when you arrive at the party. Typically, you will be given a plastic bag that you can put your clothes in and check them at the front just like you would a coat. You will be given a ticket so you can retrieve them later. DO NOT LOSE THE TICKET or you will be walking home in your underwear. This actually leads us to our next tip.

Leave your wallet at home and just bring a credit card or some cash along with your I.D. You can put these in your shoes or socks for safekeeping. What about your mobile phone? Well, depending on the style of underwear you are wearing, you can just tuck it in front next to your boys or wear some crew socks and place it in one of those.

One last tip we want to share is about boners on the dance floor. If it happens to you, don’t worry about it. There will be a lot of hot men in underwear so it’s perfectly natural. Don’t be embarrassed about your body. You’re a guy. Our dicks have a mind of their own and erections happen… especially when being rubbed against other guy’s bodies.

Remember, underwear parties are a chance for you to let yourself be free with other like-minded guys and true sexiness comes from the confidence you have in yourself!